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Having a tribal mark in an era like ours has both its Cons and Pros. Its effect on my overall growth and development can not be overlooked, the fact that it’s a permanent feature and it’s the first thing that ‘pops out’ when I meet people for the first time can not be ignored either..

Lecturer, Entrepreneur and Founder of SuperposhLuxuriesng talks about her journey growing up, her passion for business and her work towards empowering young individuals mostly the Girl Child.

Unconventional Medical doctor, Universal Health Coverage advocate and founder HealthProactivists.com Marietta lmadojiemu gave us an insight into her advocacy journey and her views on what needs to be done to achieving Universal Health Coverage in Nigeria

To mark the 21st Century making it through its teen years, the #20teens is a series from Teen Vogue celebrating the best in culture, politics, and style from the last decade.
Source: TeenVOGUE

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