Some of the projects we have undertaken are as follows

The Mental health project

The surge in mental health related events spurred the LSC to take local action by interviewing young individuals to get stories of their struggles, their perspectives on mental health issues, and the coping strategies they’ve employed in dealing with them. We also interviewed the co-founder of an NGO focused on mental health. We set up a channel for connecting young individuals affected by depression and other mental health issues to professional help.

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The LSC on the ground team went on a visit to a disadvantaged community comprising of majorly visually impaired individuals. The team during a 45 minutes conversation with the leader of the community and residents, compiled data on the challenges of the community. With this information, The LSC engaged and synergized different organization which took action. The LSC also went on an online advocacy reaching out to the state government through their social media channels. About three weeks later, the state governor paid a visit to the community. This was due, majorly, to the behind-the-scenes work of various individuals and organizations, one of which is the LSC.


Through story telling and data collection, The LSC was able to identify six high-risk children, mostly girls. These children were connected to NGOs who helped provide scholarships covering their full basic education. The NGOs are also responsible for mentoring and monitoring their academic progress.

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